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Eating after bariatric surgery doesn’t have to be any more complicated than it already is. With simple ingredients and realistic meals – you’ll be sure fall in love with the process of the change that bariatric surgery truly entails. Never forget that you deserve to eat well and feel your best, okay?

What others say about our Bariatric Cookbooks


I bought this book because I was familiar with Your Onderland’s online community, planner collection, and bariatric tips on their social media channels.

In the same way, they had put genuine effort into launching and sustaining their online community, I knew Maggie’s Bari Tasty Bites book would be equally as helpful as all the free information they put into their guides, references and newsletters.

The book has helped me familiarize myself with protein-packed meals, like my favorite — the tuna avocado boats, which has 19.4 grams of protein and only 248 calories.

Also, if you have a sweet tooth like me, you will appreciate the sweet bites section, which has air fryer apple chips and berry chia pudding!

Since thumbing through the book, I want to mention something that my bari doctor and dietitian failed to mention — appetite and fullness cues! I had no clue a runny nose was a sign of fullness! Truly appreciate this book, and I cannot wait for their next edition!





I love to read anything from cookbooks to novels. That being said, I read a lot of different writing styles and some are hard to connect with or follow. I find that a lot with cookbooks especially. However, this cookbook is so well written, easy to follow, and interesting! She fills in the gaps between your surgery and your new life and makes things much less overwhelming! I’m so glad I discovered her and purchased these books!




This cookbook is a great resource for quick, easy recipes for higher protein foods, which is great for bariatric patients. Highly recommend!



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