Make Quick Meals After Bariatric Surgery.
Let’s Show You How!

Here’s a hard truth about bariatric surgery: if you don’t change your habits you’re not in it to win it. Simply put: without the basic principles (you know, prioritizing your protein, staying hydrated, meal planning and all that good stuff) – you’re falling behind. And that’s why the creators of Your Onederland decided it was time to step it up another notch: Bari Tasty was born.

Bari Tasty is an easy-to-follow no fluff recipe blog so that you can stop scratching your head not knowing what to eat next. 

Ready to dig in? (with a small fork of couuuuurse). Let’s get started! 

Popular Dishes

Spinach-Ricotta Dip

It’s creamy, it’s fluffy and yes, it’s high in protein too. Wanna know why our spinach-ricotta dip is an all-time favorite? Find out today!

Egg Bites

No time? No problem. These egg-bites are ready within 15 minutes and freeze like a charm. Go to this classic recipe to learn more.

Our mission

Eating after bariatric surgery doesn’t have to be any more complicated than it already is. With simple ingredients and realistic meals – you can now fall in love with the process of change that bariatric surgery truly entails. Never forget that you deserve to eat well and feel your best, okay?

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